Aging in Place: 5 Steps to Help Make It Happen

elderly home assistance, elderly home care service, help for senior caregivers, affordable home care, assisted home care, private pay home care, in home help for seniors, senior home assistance, respite for caregivers, home care services for seniors, non medical senior careAccording to the Center for Disease Control, Aging in Place is “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.”

October 15th through the 21st will mark the 8th Annual National Aging in Place Week.  Supported by the National Aging in Place Council, the purpose of Aging in Place Week is to educate seniors and their family members on the myriad of community and elder care services available to help care for older people and keep them in their homes.

Why Age in Place?  A 2010 AARP survey discovered that over 90% of seniors prefer to remain living in their own home.  It is vital to respect this desire and to find ways to provide and maintain a sense of dignity, independence, safety, and security as well as proximity to family.

Aging in Place requires planning.  Here are a few tips for seniors to make this happen:

  • Discuss long-term living preferences with family members
  • Review your financial portfolio with an expert
  • Make your home handicap accessible
  • Consider paying for “big ticket” home projects while you still have an income
  • Manage health risks and maintain a healthy lifestyle


The majority of seniors desire to Age in Place, and to achieve that, it’s important to hold a conversation surrounding this subject before an emergency arises.  For more information, the National Aging in Place Council can be reached at either 202-939-1770 or


Carol Hauser, MA

October 4, 2012


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