Family Caregiving Survival Guide #1: “I Don’t Need Help!”

It’s not uncommon for seniors to balk at the idea of having help at home.  It’s also not uncommon for the adult children taking care of elderly parents to push for it.  They push for Mom to accept help, and Mom pushes back to do it all herself.  This can be an aggravating source of tension, frustration, and resentment among famil

Staying Connected in the Age of Long-Distance Caregiving

“Charlie” was devastated when his middle child took a new job and moved out of state.  At 65, Charlie’s health was waning, and although he was in denial, deep inside he knew that he didn’t have years to live.  He loved his family, and the idea of losing regular time with his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson was very difficul

8 Principles of Parents Care

“Sue Ann” spent the winter of 2010 shut up in her condo.  Sue Ann was in her seventies, and leaving home meant heading down two sets of stairs and a trek through ice and snow.  Her kids were pressuring her to move into assisted living, but she cherished her home. Sue Ann didn’t want to fight with her kids over her independen

Care for Older People: The Dangers of Loneliness

Connecting well with friends and family can help people stay healthier, age well, and live longer. In 2010, Harvard Women’s Health Watch reported on a study that examined data from more than 309,000 people.  It was concluded that those without satisfying social ties are 50 percent more likely to die prematurely, comparable to smoking

8 Tips to Ease the Burden for Spousal Caregivers

Approximately 6 million U.S. spousal caregivers offer in-home care to their ill, disabled, or aging spouses, but it’s often at the risk of stress-related conditions, including anxiety, depression, headaches, backaches, and sleep deprivation.  Eventually, care for an ailing loved one can lead to burnout in which the caregiver is deple

Companion Home Care: More Than Keeping Up the House

What could be more important than having a tidy home?  For our clients “Kathy” and “Bill,” it was having their dignity and pride.  As a company providing home care services for seniors, families often bring us in to help with everyday living tasks.  What elderly people often need, however, is something much deeper. About n

Help for Senior Caregivers: How to Prevent and Detect Strokes

In the next 40 seconds, someone in the United States will have a stroke. Are your elderly parents among those at highest risk? A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures or is blocked by a clot. A stroke caused by a blockage is called an ischemic stroke. A hemorrhagic stroke is the result of a ruptured vessel that blee

What You Can Do to Help the Elderly During Cold Weather

I’ve had enough of Mother Nature’s winter wrath this year!  I’ve been fortunate to make it to work without a flat tire, without my car stalling, and without being involved in a rollover caused by black ice.  I haven’t slipped on the ice either (yet, anyway).  And even though I certainly could go out in the evening, I’m maki

Understanding Arthritis and How to Treat It

Arthritis is more than the common aches and pains of getting older.  For the roughly 50 million Americans diagnosed with arthritis—two-thirds of them are under age 65—the musculoskeletal disease painfully affects the body’s joints.  Instead of being one catchall joint pain and stiffness condition, there are more than 100 types o

Eldercare at Home: Communication is Key!

I would say that 90% of the seniors we serve need assistance with weekly housekeeping, laundry, and other chores around their homes or apartments.  Most often my clients tell me they can no longer push the vacuum, change the bed linens, or reach down to wipe out the lower shelf in their refrigerators.  Providing non-medical home care