Why Men Make Great Caregivers

affordable home care assisted home care in home help for seniors private pay home care at home caregivers companion home care for older people elder care in Minnesota elderly home assistance taking care of elderly parentsIt’s not uncommon to hear from our clients that they want a female caregiver. For a company specializing in non-medical senior care services such as light housekeeping, companionship, safety supervision, and meal preparation, it’s easy to understand. Traditional roles in society have placed women as the homemakers and men as the breadwinners, and that was especially true during the era in which our clients grew up.

Of course, we know stereotypes are not always accurate, and, more importantly, they don’t acknowledge people who don’t fit “the norm.” If men really can’t cook, then Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse are in the wrong business!

Right at Home specializes in finding the RightPeople to provide the RightServices, which means that when a client needs an at-home caregiver who can cook, we look for someone who can cook. When clients need someone with a compassionate ear and a knack for brightening up a day, we look for someone who can do just that. Most of our caregivers are female, but we do have a few male caregivers who are very skilled at being caregivers. When a family is looking for someone to take care of their elderly parents, there are many more options available to them if they are willing to have the caregiver with the right personality and skill match, not just someone who is female. There have been times when we’ve had the perfect caregiver match for a client, but because the family wanted a female caregiver, they miss out on having the perfect caregiver for their needs.

Why do men make great caregivers?

  1. There are many men who are naturally nurturing, compassionate, and have the heart of a caregiver. In fact, three caregivers from our office have won the Right at Home national caregiver of the year awardaffordable hom care services for seniors home help for the elderly home assistance help for senior caregivers eldercare at home at home caregivers companion home care in Minnesota non medical senior care senior companion care—and two of them were male caregivers!
  1. Believe it or not, but there are many men who are skilled in the art of homemaking! We’ve had many male caregivers whom our female clients wouldn’t trade for anyone else when it comes to homemaking.
  1. Men and women bring different dynamics to social settings. Sometimes elderly men enjoy having a buddy with whom they can “talk shop.” Sometimes senior women enjoy having a male perspective in their lives. Of course, every client is different, and every caregiver—both male and female—will bring something unique and enriching to a client’s life.
  1. Because of height and strength, male caregivers can sometimes be at an advantage in helping sort high shelves in closets or dusting ceiling fans. We even had one male caregiver who changed his client’s car battery!


Successful client and caregiver matching will meet the needs of both the client and the caregiver. Naturally, some clients are only comfortable with the idea of a female caregiver and some clients are only comfortable with the idea of a male caregiver. However, the best caregiver—a person who might transform the life of a senior—might be just around the corner and could be either female or male.

So, why do men make great caregivers? For the same reasons women do! After all, being compassionate, caring, reliable, and skilled are not traits reserved just for women.

Carol Hauser, MA


October 30, 2015


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  1. Yes my hubby has had many male caregivers over the past 10 years ..
    they have been wonderful , compassionate , caring and fun to have around ..

    Thank goodness so many men decided to choose that profession … also men in the private homes taking care of loved ones

    God Bless all caregivers

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