The Secret to Great Senior Care

Non Medical Senior Care, Senior Companion Care, In Home Care Minneapolis, Senior Home Assistance, Eldercare at Home, At Home Caregivers, Affordable Home Care, Private Pay Home Care, Taking Care of Elderly ParentsWhen family members call our office wanting information about our home care services for seniors to help them in taking care of elderly parents and relatives, they usually call with a list of important questions—costs, cancelation policies, the list of services we provide.  When all is said and done, we often hear, “I guess that’s it.  I don’t know what else to ask.”

We often answer, “Ask us about our caregivers.”

In elder care, caregivers are everything.  If your elderly parent has a quality caregiver, your elderly parent is receiving quality care.  For our Right at Home, great care starts with finding great caregivers to hire and then keeping them.

Think about it.  A senior home assistance company can have a gifted marketing person to spread the word, intelligent social workers or nurses to oversee client care, and the kindest person answering the phones.  However, when Aunt Esther is having a bad day with her dementia and is refusing to eat, it’s the caregiver who will be the one to help her.  It’s important that caregivers know how valued they are and feel welcome to reach out for support.  It’s important that they feel connected to office staff and other caregivers, most of whom they will not see on a regular basis.  It’s also important that they feel satisfied and want to remain with the company for a long time.

Right at Home, Senior Companion Care, Affordable Home Care, Assisted Home Care, Care for Older People, At Home Caregivers, Help for Senior Caregivers, Home Care in Minnesota, Senior Citizen Care, Eldercare at HomeWe are very proud to have been awarded the 2012 Star Tribune Top Workplaces Award as the #1 mid-sized business in Minnesota.  In the first Top Workplaces ranking in 2010, we started as the #3 business, and in 2011, we moved up to become the #2 business.  In addition to this honor, our owners, Paul Blom and Bob White, have been awarded the Leadership Confidence Award for three consecutive years.

The process of being selected as a Top Workplace in the Star Tribune started as an initial nomination by a caregiver in 2010.  For each year, all Right at Home employees are asked to complete an online survey pertaining to a variety of topics related to the workplace.  In addition to objective questions ranking the workplace in a variety of categories, the survey also involves short answer questions.  These responses are then analyzed by WorkplaceDynamics, a company with which the Star Tribune partners to create their Top Workplaces rankings.  From there, the rankings are calculated and the individual awards are determined.

So, how important is caregiver satisfaction in providing quality care?


After all, if your elderly parent has a quality caregiver, your elderly parent is receiving quality care.

Carol Hauser, M.A.

June 22, 2012


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