Senior Care: Taking Care of Elderly Parents (and Their Families)

affordable home care assisted home care care for older people home help for the elderly in home care Minneapolis in home help for seniors respite for caregivers senior citizen care senior home assistance home care in MinnesotaThe following is an actual email that I received from the daughter of one of my clients just the other day.

Thanks to having non-medical senior care in her home, this client has been able to remain independent since we began services in October of 2011.  For me, her letter is a reminder of why the work we do at Right at Home is rewarding!  We make a difference for our clients and their families every single day.


Hi, Julie:

I just wanted you to know that Joyce has been doing wonderful things with my mom.  She has a special place in my mom’s heart.  She sent post cards to my mom when she was on vacation, which Mom showed to everyone!  Mom doesn’t do email, so the postal service is still a treat for her! My mom’s dementia seems to be progressing some.  She wants to bake or cook a little but gets mixed up on how to do it. She is very comfortable asking Joyce to help, and Joyce suggests that she is willing to do so.

Mom told me last weekend that her freezer needs defrosting, so I told her I could do it the next weekend I am with her.  Yesterday, she told me that Joyce was going to help her do it sometime soon, so I wouldn’t need to do it.  I think Mom feels like she is able to do things in partnership with Joyce.  This gives her a sense of accomplishment despite her limitations and without her kids intervening.  She also trusts Joyce, so I am guessing that she spills her guts out to her at times and feels good that she can do that. It gives her something to talk about with us also, when she and Joyce do things together!

I have yet to meet Joyce.  Hopefully, I will some day when I’m not working.   But I just wanted to pass on how she has really made a positive impact on my mom’s well-being, which we appreciate so much.  Thanks!

Needless to say, this email made my day.  I forwarded it to my colleagues and also to Joyce, the caregiver.  She needs to know that the little ordinary, everyday things she does with her client are making a huge impact, not only on her client, but also on her client’s family members.

As with many, this client’s family members care deeply about their mother but have full-time jobs and young families to raise.  They make good effort to include their mother in family gatherings and schedule regular times to visit her, and they feel good that they can relax and converse with their mother instead of having to scramble around doing laundry and other household chores that Joyce completes.  Knowing their mother is in good hands when they can’t be with her is priceless!

The ability to affect lives so deeply is one of the joys of senior companion care, for both clients’ families and the company providing care.

Julie Ellingson, LSW

June 14, 2013



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