The Fried Egg Sandwich on Your Bucket List

Affordable Home Care, Companion Home Care, Elder Care in Minnesota, Elderly Home Care Serivce, Home Care in Minnesota, In Home Care Minneapolis, Respite for Caregivers, Senior Companion Care, Non Medical Senior CareHow to make one client very happy:  Fry two eggs.  Place each fried egg on a piece of white buttered bread.  Put the pieces together.  Cut in half.  Deliver to client at the table.

A caregiver stopped by today to take care of some business.  She stopped to chat with me for a few minutes, and I asked her, “How are ‘Janet and Ed’ doing?”  Husband Ed had been Janet’s sole caregiver for months.  We started providing in-home help for them once a week a while back to assist Ed in keeping up the house, doing the laundry, and helping with the shopping, since Janet could no longer perform these tasks because of her lung disease and extreme shortness of breath.  They loved their caregiver, and they were happy.

Things change.

Ed was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now on hospice.  After it happened, he was withdrawn, and he quit with his signature old man jokes.  He stopped engaging in life.

Now, at-home caregiver “Betty” goes over to the house three times a week.  It was rough going for a while.  Ed and Janet truly love each other, and the diagnosis was a damaging blow for them.

Fortunately, Ed has now changed his mind about living.  Ed still has a bucket list of things to do, going to the casino being one of them.  With the time he has, he is savoring all the little things, like fried egg sandwiches.  He says Betty makes the best ones in the world!  How do you put a price on that?

The obvious household tasks need to be accomplished . . . beds need to be made, sheets changed, dishes washed, and floors vacuumed.  But to make a perfect egg sandwich for someone who appreciates it so much is a gift—for both the giver and the receiver!

Julie Ellingson, LSW

June 1, 2012


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