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Affordable Home Care, Companion Home Care, Elder Care in Minnesota, Eldercare at Home, Private Pay Home Care, Senior Citizen Care, Home Care Companies, Home Care in Minnesota, In Home Help for SeniorsDuring the initial home meeting prior to the start of home care services for seniors, many elderly folks have trouble thinking of things with which they may need assistance.  And if they are lonely, they would never admit to anyone that just having someone with whom to talk or do things would be a good idea.  However, once services have begun and the initial adjustment period is over, almost every one of our senior care clients wonder why he or she didn’t start assisted home care services much earlier.

Most elderly clients need help with homemaking tasks, which include things like vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, changing bed linens, wiping down appliances and countertops, and doing laundry.  Since many of our clients live in small apartments, these tasks can be easily completed within a 3-hour visit or less.  So many clients ask, “How will I fill up the time?  I don’t have that many things that need to be done.”

There are many little everyday tasks that need to be done, or that people prefer to have done, in the process of maintaining a home.  Sometimes, I’ll give a client a list of potential tasks to get them thinking about what kinds of things, besides the obvious, with which an at-home caregiver could assist them.  Have you thought of these?

  • How about organizing the junk drawer or filling your humidifier?
  • Opening jars or peeling potatoes?
  • Sorting mail or watering plants?
  • Assisting with setting up appointments or writing letters?
  • Hanging pictures or recycling newspapers?
  • Prepping salad fixings or wrapping gifts?
  • Thinning out your closet or cooking you some oatmeal?
  • Taking you for a walk or baking you a cake?


If you are willing to pay for mileage or if you have a care plan that will authorize transportation, homemakers or companions may also do things like the following:

  • Take you out for coffee or run you to the grocery store
  • Help you shop for gifts or take you for a drive
  • Take you to the bank or to the post office
  • Attend church with you or pick up your prescriptions
  • Take to you to visit a friend or to visit the cemetery
  • Go with you to the movies or out for an ice cream treat


The ways that we can help are many and varied depending upon the needs and desires of the people we serve.  We will develop an individualized home care plan just for you.  We can also talk with you to assist you in determining the ways in which we can be helpful to you as well as meet our goal of improving your quality of life.


Julie Ellingson, LSW

July 31, 2012


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