Attitude is Everything

affordable home care, assisted home care, at home caregivers, care for older people, companion home care, disability home care, elder care in Minnesota, eldercare at home, elderly home assistance, elderly home care service, help for senior caregivers“Bill Wallace” has been a client of our agency for about six years.  He was referred to us for non-medical senior care so that caregivers can prepare a hot breakfast for him, clean up his apartment, and do his laundry.  They also take him out for shopping, errands, and sometimes for medical appointments.

About two years ago, Bill was diagnosed with inoperable cancer.  Physically, his body is wearing down, but Bill’s attitude has always remained positive.  He is funny, engaging, and grateful for everything his caregivers do for him.  His caregivers find him a joy to be around.

Bill’s caregiver “Nancy” happens to be a nun.  She recently took him to a clinic appointment.  Unknowingly, Sister Nancy was leaning on a buzzer at the reception desk, and it was ringing in the back of the clinic where the nurses are stationed.  One of the nurses came running to the front reception desk, calling out, “Mrs. Wallace!  Mrs. Wallace!  You are leaning on the buzzer!”

Shocked, Nancy looked around.  She felt very odd being called “Mrs.” for the first time in her life, but she and Bill got a good laugh out of it.

They spent the entire morning at the clinic because Bill needed a variety of tests.  By the time they left to go back to Bill’s apartment, he was starving.  Bill asked Nancy if she would take him to a McDonald’s drive-through before dropping him off at his home.  He wanted a double cheeseburger and fries, and he told Nancy she could order whatever she wanted.

After they placed their orders, Bill turned to Nancy and said, “Okay, now what should we get for the kids?”

Bill and Nancy had another good belly laugh.  And we all know laughter is the BEST medicine!

Julie Ellingson, LSW

January 28, 2013


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