Aging in Place: Technologies to Make It Happen

affordable home care services for seniors assisted home care companies at home caregivers non medical senior care for older people senior home assistance companion home care in Minnesota eldercare at home help for the elderly home assistance“Sue” was one of our dementia clients with a daughter who was ahead of the technology curve. Five years ago, when we were caring for her mom, she had a camera in her mother’s condo to check in on her and the at-home caregivers who came in to help her. Sue’s daughter was concerned about her mother’s ability to live safely at home. Having caregivers in place was one method to help her mom safely age in place, and technology was her other tool.

Today, there are many affordable technologies available to help seniors remain in their homes longer.



StrideLight Lighted Walking Cane

The StrideLight Cane is a lighted walking cane that illuminates walking paths with an easy-to-use button on the handle. We frequently receive calls from adult children taking care of elderly parents who are concerned about nighttime falls on the way to the bathroom. The StrideLight Cane is one way to help prevent nighttime and other falls that can happen because of hazards such as throw rugs, uneven pavement, or pets underfoot.


GreatCall Mobile Monitoring

GreatCall provides a variety of mobile monitoring devices that bring safety monitoring to a new level. The Jitterbug smartphone and Jitterbug flip phone allow families instant access to the location, habits, and daily activities of their loved one with the phone. Using GPS technology, Jitterbug provides families with current location at any given time, and it’s easy to monitor using the GreatCall Link app for your own smartphone. If you have concerns about a parent’s memory loss, this technology can help ensure he or she is safe.


GPS SmartSole

GPS SmartSole is a shoe insert with an imbedded GPS tracking device. The SmartSole allows for customized alerts. Family members can identify circular perimeters around a home address and receive alerts when the sole leaves that area. Additional tracking options are available through an app for smartphones, tablets, and computers. This app grants access to recent locations and location history. The SmartSole operates on a battery that requires charging nightly.


Prime Medical Alert

Prime Medical Alert is one of many companies that offer a variety of wearable products and monitoring services designed to provide a senior access to emergency services in the case of a fall or other health emergency. Their NextAlert II is a waterproof wearable device that can also detect when a standing person has fallen to the ground.


Silver Mother Monitoring

There are a variety of monitoring systems available to help keep seniors safe in their own homes. Silver Mother utilizes small sensors that attach to everyday objects, such as pill bottles, refrigerators, and doors. These sensors collect data to establish routines and then sends out notifications and instant alerts. Silver Mother also has online monitoring available, so family members can see patterns over time and determine when there are behavior changes that might be a cause for concern. Most monitoring systems require a monthly subscription fee, but Silver Mother includes monitoring as part of the product cost.


Nest Cams

There are many companies that provide video cameras for safety monitoring, from hidden “granny cams” to visible cameras. Nest sells indoor and outdoor security cams that can be used to monitor rooms in a home, either through recorded video or real-time footage that is accessible from your smartphone. With a subscription to Nest Aware, you can also receive alerts if the camera detects activity in certain areas of the home. This is an easy way to check in on an elderly family member without intruding on their independence.

Carol Hauser, MA

October 6, 2016




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    Thanks for sharing this small collection of tech products. For more, Modern Health Talk ( offers discussions and information on technologies for home healthcare that address concerns of seniors or people with disabilities, as well as their caregivers and their families. Our purpose is to help seniors stay safe, healthy and independent in their own homes as long as possible and thus avoid the high cost of institutional care, because that’s what over 90% of them want.

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      Thank you so much for sharing the resource! Aging in place technologies is such a vast topic that will only grow as technology grows.

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