A Little Chit, A Little Chat, A Lot of Value

Taking Care of Elderly Parents, Assisted Home Care, Eldercare at HomeI was recently invited to an open house at a senior care facility that I had previously managed.  I arrived early, and although hesitant, I decided to visit one of the residents I had always been very fond of.  I was hesitant, however, because of my tremendous guilt.  When I left the facility, I had promised “Marie” I would come to visit on a regular basis, and it had been nearly a year since I last dropped by.

When I opened the door, Marie immediately welcomed me with open arms.  We talked for what seemed like 10 minutes, but as I looked at the clock, it had been well over an hour.  Repeatedly she commented on how nice it was to see me and what it meant to her for me to come by to see her.  What struck me most was how little I gave in comparison to what I came away having received.  In our short visit, we discussed living, dying, and everything in between.  Turning 100 in February, Marie clearly has so much to share, and the richness of her stories makes a profound impact.

My excuses are long, and of course valid, for not making regular visits; however, I am now challenging myself to make Marie a priority.  When I look at the busyness of my life, I wonder how I can afford to visit Marie.  But then I also wonder, how can I afford not to visit Marie?

What do you gain by visiting the Marie in your life?

Carol Hauser, M.A.



November 18, 2011


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