9 Ways for Seniors to Get Involved!

affordable home care services for seniors assisted home care for older people at home caregivers non medical senior care eldercare at home elderly home assistanceMillions of aging Americans are reticent to give up on activities just because of their years on the calendar. Their refusal to fade into the sunset is spawning a number of clubs and groups across the country and all while protecting their health and longevity.

Social engagement and meaningful activities for seniors help stave off mood disorders and depression, and they boost cardiac health and the immune system. Community-involved older adults are more likely to stay physically fit with greater mental clarity.

The new year is the perfect time for seniors to revitalize their lives with a new interest or leisure pursuit. If a mutual club, hobby, cause, or program doesn’t exist, many seniors are just diving in and starting one. Here are a few ways aging adults can socially connect:

  • Volunteering. The country’s seniors face no shortage of ways to volunteer, from disaster relief aides to museum tour guides. Plus, a trend is starting where some nursing homes and assisted living facilities are inviting older volunteers to mingle with aging residents.
  • Silver Sneakers. America’s leading fitness program for seniors, provided at no cost by more than 60 health insurance plans, offers classes and camaraderie for all ability levels at over 13,000 participating gyms and fitness centers.
  • Computer classes. You’re never too old to learn computer and online skills. Picking up technology basics empowers older adults to stay connected with family and friends via email and social media, as well as catching the latest news and stock reports. Libraries are often good places to find computer classes.
  • elderly home care service senior home assistance help for senior caregivers affordable home care services for seniors assisted home care for older people home help for the elderlyBook clubs. Those who are in book clubs gather every few weeks in homes, libraries, restaurants, and other cozy corners to discuss the finer points of a pre-assigned book. People can even join virtual clubs on the Internet to interact with others about the plot, characters, and nuances of favorite reads.
  • Garden clubs. America’s first garden club originated in 1891 in Athens, GA. Today, 5,000 garden clubs throughout the country promote the passion of gardening, floral design, and environmental awareness. National Garden Clubs is a national organization that gives a thumbs up to garden societies and community service projects nationwide.
  • Walking clubs. Get moving and become an organizer or mentor for a walking club in your area. Improve your heart health and develop friendships every step of the way. The American Heart Association list resources for how to “find fitness, friends, and fun.”
  • Wine clubs. Taste after taste, wine enthusiasts unite in casual get-togethers at wineries, homes, cafes, and any relaxing venue to toast their passion for learning about and drinking wine. Find out how to start your own wine club.
  • Red Hat Society. A popular social group for women over 50, the Red Hat Society aids women in finding friends and social gatherings in their area. With their trademark red hats and purple outfits, Red Hatters forge friendships and attend a variety of social events throughout the year.
  • Meetups. Maybe it’s time to finally write that screenplay, practice a new language, belly dance, or improve your cooking. Local Meetup groups are surging in popularity as people of all ages gather to enjoy the things they love or would like to explore learning in the company of kindred spirits.


If you are taking care of elderly parents who could use a new adventure in life and a jump-start in their overall health, know that the world is their oyster — or their flower garden, horse trail, Zumba class, or animal shelter.

In addition to the resources above, your local senior center is a great place to look for other opportunities for seniors to get involved. For additional resources on senior citizen clubs nationally, visit seniors.lovetoknow.com/Senior_Citizen_Clubs.

Carol Hauser, M.A.

January 4, 2017



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