“Thank You for Caring About Me”

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The Right at Home 2012 Calendar

Last week, we received a card from client “Jeanette” that read, “Thank you for caring about me.”

Getting to play Santa Claus this time of year is one of my favorite duties in working for a non-medical senior care company.  As we have every year for the past several years, we are delivering homemade rhubarb jam, a creative 2012 calendar with staff pictures, and a unique pen to each of our clients.  This is in addition to the beautiful holiday card signed by each of our office staff which arrives via the postal service.

Doesn’t sound like much, does it?

I can tell you, however, that it means the world to our clients to be remembered at this time of year.   The jam is so good that many clients call the office after they have gobbled up the entire jar in a day or two and ask where they can purchase more of it!  The CEO of our company, Paul Blom, spends his June evenings making the jam using his own “special” recipe and rhubarb from the farmers market.  The calendar is nothing particularly fancy, but clients enjoy having faces to attach to the names of the people with whom they talk many times during the year on the telephone.  The oversized red pen is always a hit—it’s easier to use than regular pens for those with arthritic fingers and hands.  Clients rave about it.

Jeanette’s card is particularly meaningful.  She’s burned a lot of bridges with her family and complains that they never come to visit her.  It is very possible that her jam delivery will be the only gift she receives this year.  In that light, those can be six powerful words:  “Thank you for caring about me.”

Over the years, we’ve learned the value of simple but kind gestures.  We send birthday cards to our clients, and we get calls from clients saying, “No one else remembered.”  For the seniors in your life, it’s not always about the grand gestures.  A call to the little old lady from church or a card to the senior in the apartment down the hall can mean so much.

Today is one day I get to be out and about playing Santa Claus and spreading Right at Home cheer to our clients.  It is a tradition that those of us in the office look forward to as much as our clients do!  It’s my chance to make a small gesture with grand meaning.

Ho, ho, ho!

What are some simple gestures you make to let seniors know you care?  We’d love to hear your ideas!

Julie Ellingson, LSW



December 16. 2011



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  1. Les E. says:

    I thought the pens were “orange”. Certainly can’t lose ’em. 😉

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